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A Few Questions & Answers

About What We Do At St Luke's - and Other Things!


Most Websites have a FAQ section. While that stands for 'Frequently Asked Questions' many are not really that frequently asked; they more represent questions that might be asked!


Anyway, below are a few such questions. Just click on them to flip down the page to the answer. And, if you have a question that you would like to ask please contact us.

My children have not been confirmed; can they receive Communion?

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The simple answer is yes, they can - at the descretion of the parents. We believe that Baptism is the Sacrament that brings a person fully into the Church, therefore any baptised person can receive communion at St Luke's - including people from other churches.


On the whole, we would not give the wine to young children and it would be expected that parents tell, and show, children how to receive the sacrament with respect.

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