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Quickest Warmth Project


The Quickest Warmth project was devised by Rev Prue O'Donovan to provide warmth and love to families who are in need of help.  It began with the donation of seven quilts to Families SA (now the Dept. for Child Protection) for children going into foster care.  Now, four years later the Project has about 200 contributors who make or purchase items for individuals and families experiencing homelessness, those going into rental accommodation from shelters, people who are homeless or victims of domestic violence, refugees and of course children in foster care. Requests are received from AnglicareSA centres throughout the metropolitan area, Mt Gambier and Wallaroo, and from the Dept of Child Protection. 


 The aim is to provide a quick hug in the form of new and knitted, beanies, blankets, bedding to offset cold winters.  The project also provides toys to either refugee families or families who have lost their homes through, for example, fire or simply hard times.  They do not accept used clothes and they are best recycled through St. Luke's Op Shop.   


Below are links to Quickest Warmth Project newsletters:


July 2018


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