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Can We Pray for You?

St Luke’s has been a part of the local community of Modbury for over 25 years. Many local people were christened here, married here and buried from here. Many things have changed in that time; in the local community and in the church. New buildings, new homes, new businesses have sprung up.


One thing that has remained the same is our commitment to the local community. It has always been a part of the Anglican ethos that we are here for everyone in our local community. As a church, we have no members: everyone is included.


Because of this we have a strong duty to not only pray for our local communities but also to offer up the prayers of our local communities; part of our job, what we see as our ‘calling’, is to pray for you, whether you are a part of our church or not.




Christians believe that God really does care for all of His creation, including humans – even when we do the wrong thing! This is why we think of God as a parent, one who loves their child and wants the best for the child. God, we believe, wants us to ask about our needs because by doing so we can show our trust in Him (or Her!). Nothing is too small to bother God with – Jesus says that we should even ask for our daily bread, the most basic food.


Like all good parents, God wants us to have the things we need – even if we sometimes ask for things that we don’t need but just want – like winning the lotto! But God also wants us to pray for each other and the world, to reflect His love for us into the world around us. We believe that we should love others, and the world, as much as God does. So we pray for each other; for wants; for problems; for sorrow; for thanks; for healing; for anything!


We also know that many people don’t think that they know how to pray; they don’t think that God will listen to them; they might not even believe that prayer works. That is where we, at St Luke’s, come in – we would like to pray for you. We would like to offer up your needs as we do our own, bringing before God our whole community.


We can even light a candle for you as your prayer is said – as a reminder that our prayers continue to have an affect even after we have made them.


Some Answers to Possible Questions:


How can I get you my prayer request?


A huge range of options:


By post

Rev Joan,

St Luke’s Church,

25 Smart Road,

Modbury, SA 5092.


Telephone:  08 8396 1407 (Church Office)


Or, just slip a note under the door!


When will my prayer request be prayed?


Most days there is prayer at 8.00am, as well as Eucharists at various times.


Do I need to come to the church at all?


No; we would love it if you did, but it is not at all necessary.


Do I need to leave my name?


No; you can be as anonymous as you like!


Can I talk to someone in person, or see someone?


Absolutely. Just make contact and that can be arranged.


How much does this cost?


Nothing. We believe that praying for our local community is part of the reason we are here.


I’m not really a Christian, and I’m not sure that prayer works. Will you still pray for me?


Of course! We believe that it works, and we believe that God listens – so, give it a go.


Is there anything that I should not ask to be prayed for?


No, not really. If it is a concern to you, then it is a concern to God, however small it seems. Praying each week to win the lotto may not be so good – remember, we believe that God knows what is good and right for you and sometimes the answer to a prayer is “No”.



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