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Life, Death & Beyond - The Christian Hope

Life, Death & Beyond 1 -


What does the story of Creation as told in the book of Genesis tell us about what God might want for our future?

Life, Death & Beyond 2 -


What does it mean to be human? Are we different from other animals? What is our role in creation?

Life, Death & Beyond 3 -

Death & Afterlife in the Old Testament

How does the Old Testament view of what happens after death change over time? What did they think happened to us?

Life, Death & Beyond 4 -


What does the Bible really say about heaven? Where is it? Is it just some happy place where we meet our friends and relatives again?

Life, Death & Beyond 5 -


The other Land Down Under? What does the Bible really teach? Eternal Torment, Annihilation or Universalism?

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